Outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsourcing BPO Call Center Services

Outsourcing is defined as a “strategy” of a company or organization to use external resources to perform duties usually handled by internal staff.  It is contracting major business functions to specialized and efficient service providers who ultimately become valued business partners.

At a glance

The Outsourcing industry in the Philippines has come a long way from the time the first outsourcing firm was established here in 1992.

Today, BPO is one of the most dynamic and vibrant industries in the country. The Philippine outsourcing industry is said to be the biggest contributor to our economy.

The need to outsource

Many companies in the United States and other first-world countries are the first one to outsource their business processes.  These companies want to reduce their operating costs.  They want to focus on their business core rather than deal with the rigorous daily management of staffs and operations.

Advantage of outsourcing in the Philippines

  • English language advantage

Philippines has a considerable advantage when it comes to English language due to our cultural affinity with United States.  Children learn the language at school from Kinder to College, thus our fluency is better compared to other Asian countries.

  • Cost-effective

Without a doubt, one of the advantages of outsourcing in the Philippines is the pricing itself.  The big difference in labor costs, infrastructure costs, facility & utility costs, are what makes the country an appealing choice for outsourcing.  Business can save up to 60% in costs simply by outsourcing here.

  • Better access to talents

The country has 95 percent literacy rate, and the top universities continue to produce talented graduates every year. Companies can hire a skilled, ready, and willing workforce much more faster. A lot of it has to do with the way the education system in the country closely follows that of the US, ensuring you also know what the exact skill level of an outsourced employee or virtual staff is.

  • Cultural advantage

Filipinos easily adjust to different cultures due to combined influences from Western and Southeast Asian countries as shown by its history. Cultural alignment is seen as an edge and an advantage that makes outsourcing in the Philippines a pleasant experience.

  • Data privacy and security

Republic Act 10173, or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 is expected to further strengthen the Philippine Outsourcing industry as foreign companies are now assured that the country follows International Data Privacy Standards. The Philippine government has been extremely crucial in ensuring that the BPO industry in Philippines is able to thrive and grow by ensuring favorable legislations and laws are passed to facilitate the same. 

  • High quality deliverables

According to many independent research publishers, the outsourcing industry in the  Philippines regularly ranks at the top of service delivery quality surveys conducted amongst clients from across the world. Performance efficiency is central to ensuring the country was able to touch 1 million employed BPO workers in a span of 4 years.

Choose Philippines as your outsourcing destination and partner with Access Global Outsourcing Solutions

Philippines over the years has become one of the most sought-after destinations for outsourcing as it has a combination of many suitable factors which are ideal for businesses around the globe.

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At Access Global Outsourcing Solutions, we offer you the “Better Options” for “Better Solutions”.

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